ARTLANDS. Towards new forms of construction of the territory
December 12, 2012 | Blog

The ARTLANDS project aims at revealing new standards for the planning and artistic intervention over the landscape and the ecology of places. Set up by an international committee of artistic and environmental culture experts, the project highlights the effort of the biologist Carlo Scoccianti, who is the author of a series of interventions of reconstructions of ecological systems within the regional and national area.   He is involved since 1996 in the “Piana Fiorentina” issues along with a group of people who have in common the interest for the landscape and the environmental conservation.

Within Carlo Scoccianti’s research stand out peculiar abilities that reinterpret the theme of the use and the transformation of the territory throughout a technical expertise, that rarely happens to face the art and planning practice the way it does in this case. “The ones that I plan - wrote Carlo Scoccianti – are complex system in both an ecological and aesthetic way. They’re ecologically balanced real spaces, they’re living, dynamic and interactive sceneries. Just this ecosystem feature of theirs makes these places deeply connected to the wider territory in which they are. This same feature also brings about different meanings depending on which is the subject considered each time. In my places man is the first subject but he’s at once equal to all the other living beings. Actually each of them can freely arrive, stop for around a long time and even live there ”.

On the basis of these assumptions, the ARTLANDS project examines the damp areas created in the last years inside the ”Piana Fiorentina”, by means of acknowledging their important role for the wider development of the territory in which they’re placed. ARTLANDS brings about – since May 18, 2012 and for a first two-years period – a convergence of looks through the participation of environmental art experts, planners, artists. Through an extended  workshop these looks will develop a program of events in order to translate the new forms of constructions of the territory into communication tools for a new idea of landscape.