Work-site and work-element: definitions
Carlo Scoccianti | Interventions

My works (work-sites) establish a dialogue with the (human) observer through their aesthetic and vast spatial dimensions, and in many cases, this dialogue is highlighted with the presence of certain “elements” (work-elements). The latter take shape as points of reference for my artistic language, and are therefore vehicles expressly inserted throughout my design process to allow an understanding of the overall significance of my works. 


In many cases, my interventions include precise areas for access and use by the public, paths and observation points. Within these paths, the project sometimes leads to the definition of specific “spatial situations”, where some elements are positioned to capture the attention of the public and structure its ability to perceive. The elements can be considered mediators, capable of proposing or evoking (but never forcing) a particular way of interpreting the site. This interpretation is a deliberately suggested key to understanding my works, but it also leaves open new avenues for free reflection.


The elements can also be considered separate works within a more general and complex project (the site). In any case, the design concept is always unique. The definition of the entire area in all its aesthetic and ecological aspects, like that of each element, is part of the same personal creative process, which is therefore reflected in a unique and all-encompassing intervention. In the same way that the work-sites are designed to “dialogue” (interact) with the users (not just humans but also other species), the work-elements are likewise conceived with the specific intent of creating a positive and “active” interaction with the surrounding ecosystem, while performing a pivotal role as intermediaries between the artist and the observer. In fact, from an ecological standpoint, the elements, just like the entire site that contains them, are always carrying out their function day and night and throughout the seasons, regardless of the human observer’s presence. This double significance of both the work-site and, where present, the work-elements is the fundamental feature of all my artworks. 


Carlo Scoccianti