Work-Sites and Work-Elements
Carlo Scoccianti | Interventions

"My works (Work-Sites) establish a dialogue with the observer (man) through the aesthetic and vast spatial dimensions, in many cases highlighted by the presence of certain Elements (Work-Elements). The latter take the form of points of reference, a personal aesthetic style or language, vehicles inserted throughout my design process to understand the overall significance of all my works. 


In numerous cases, my works involve specific areas of access and use by the public, routes and viewing points. It is within these paths that the project sometimes leads to the definition of specific 'spatial situations' where some Elements are positioned to catch the attention of the public and construct their capacity for perception. The Elements can be considered mediators, capable of proposing or evoking (never by force) a particular interpretation of Site; one which is deliberately suggested, and leaves open new dimensions of reflection.


The Elements can also be considered separate works within a more general and complex work (the site), in any case, the idea of the project is always a unicum. The definition of the overall area and all its aesthetic and ecological aspects, forms part of a personal creative process that finds resolution in a unique intervention. Both the Work-Site  –designed to 'dialogue' (interact) with the user not just man but other species as well– and the Work-Element –beyond their pivotal role that determines the medium between the artist and the observer– are projected with the specific intent to create a positive and "active" interaction with the surrounding ecosystem. The Elements in fact, similarly to the Site that contains them, from an ecological standpoint always act independently of man's presence, both day and night throughout all seasons. This double significance both in the Work-Site and, where present, the Work-Element , is a fundamental feature of all my work". 


Carlo Scoccianti